Observations, Questions and Tips About Life

Featuring Bill Rhoads

This is the first installment of a weekly feature in which Sun City resident Bill Rhoads shares his thoughts, primarily in the form of his "tips about life." Bill keeps a written record of "tips" that come to mind and has a strong motivation to share them with others. His purpose in doing so is to stimulate his own thinking and to stir some ideas into the pot of life.

Bill writes songs and some poetry. He is a musician/band leader who has played music worldwide. He served in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper and an Army Ranger. Bill is a Vietnam veteran who appreciates our veterans' service and sacrifice. This is clear in much of his writing.

In most cases, Bill's entries will be brief. He doesn't consider this a column as much as an opportunity to throw some thoughts out there for you to ponder -- usually only one or two at a time.

Life is good. I believe in God and The Golden Rule. I want to share that message with others, and share also some of my "tips about life." Here are a couple of tips to think about:

The problem with today’s "throw away marriages" is they leave a lot of "throw away kids."

Lies kill more than bloody war.

If you have thoughts and/or responses to Bill's tips, leave a comment here or send emails with your feedback to doug.spoon@gmail.com.


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