A Doug's Life: I'd Work Up a Sweat, But It's Too Cold

OK, so I'm tired, I'm sore and I'm cold. What's your problem?

Sorry if I'm a bit cranky today. Actually, things aren't that bad. I lost four pounds in the first week of my diet and exercise program. That part, I like. Dragging my sore muscles out into the 30-degree Menifee morning chill for a 6 a.m. workout? Not so much.

I'm one of those guys who would rather sweat in a sauna then jog down the street when it's freezing outside. That;s why I headed right for the gym, cranking up the heater. On the way, I passed a guy riding his bike down Menifee Road, wearing shorts. I glanced down at the temperature on my dashboard. It was 32 degrees outside.

C'mon, man. Trying to make me look bad or what?

This morning at breakfast, I was enjoying my bowl of Steel Cut Oatmeal, protein powder and almond milk. My granddaughter Riley, who's almost 5, asked me why my oatmeal looks different than the kind she eats.

"This is Pop oatmeal," I said. "It's going to make me skinny."

I finished the bowl and took it over to rinse out in the sink.

"Hey Pop," Riley said. "Are you skinny now?"

This is how bad it is: Paul David, the owner of Elevate Fitness in Menifee and my trainer, has to give me a break after almost every time he bends me into a pretzel or has me doing light strength work. Man, how did this happen? Just a couple years ago, I was working out on weight machines, swimming multiple laps, doing power sit-ups.

It's those darn Wendy's cheesburgers, fries and Frosties. That's what happened. Heading home from teaching class at Cal Poly Pomona twice a week, the Wendy's drive-thru window was my friend. I was so predictable, I would start giving my order into the speaker box and the employee would finish it for me.

"Make it a Large, with a Dr. Pepper, and a medium chocolate Frostie, right?" she would say. And I was sure I could hear laughter in the background.

I would inhale my meal at 9 p.m. and head home to bed. Now, I eat before my 5 p.m. class and I have stuff like ground turkey and Fage Greek yogurt.

No, Riley, I'm not skinny yet. This is going to take some time.

I suppose this cold weather should be a blessing as I sweat it out, but I'm doing my work inside a gym. No help cooling off there. In fact, all I have to do is look over at the folks swinging kettle bells around and it's enough to make me break out in a sweat.

Following Paul David's customized menu, I had salmon for dinner tonight. Even though I barbecued it out back, the smell of fish and broccoli in the kitchen was not particularly pleasant. Riley and her mom were driven out of the house. I sprayed Fabreze and opened all the windows.

So as I sit here shivering tonight, eagerly awaiting my late-night snack of protein powder and water, I'm second guessing myself. Maybe I should keep some extra pounds on during this frigid winter, just for insulation.


  1. I lost the weight but hurt my back by exercising the way I did 30 years ago. 3 months of recovery and now I have to begin again. Listen to your trainer. You are doing great.

  2. why doesn't he teach you to eat small portions and regular food? Have the fast food once a month if you crave it.