Menifee Mom: How About Dance Mom, Team Mom, Cheer Mom...

By Michelle Walsh

It started with Fairy Tale Princess Dance class three years ago. My daughter, my first born, my princess, NEEDED to take this class.

It was a combination of tap and ballet. It was absolutely adorable. She loved it, I loved that she loved it, everything was great. We did the same class with my second daughter, and my third can’t wait until it is her turn.

Dance, swim, soccer, gymnastics, messy art class and now cheer. Not all at once, but we’ve tried them all. Some activities we’ve attempted with more enthusiasm than others. I’m sure there will be more, for my oldest is only 6. How do you choose the right activity for your child when they are young? How do you juggle it financially and time wise with three kids? It’s not easy, but we make it work.

Financially with three kids, it can really add up quick. Finding activities through Youth Leagues such as AYSO and Parks and Recreation can make it affordable. Also, a lot of places will offer a sibling discount. We must take into consideration the cost of shoes, and other special clothing/gear that may be needed for each sport or activity we choose. I prefer to find activities that are close to home, as the cost of gas is also a consideration. We limit our girls in the activities for many reasons. Finances and time are big.

My girls are young; they need time to rest their bodies, they need time to just play and time to do nothing. We have Kindergarten, Preschool, homework and rest time. That is already a lot in one day. I also put a lot of volunteer time into these activities, which can take time away from home.

I think about these things every time we try out a new activity. I’m excited, they’re excited, and we all jump in full force. I feel beyond privileged that I am able to share these experiences with my children; I have a tendency to be very involved. For example, each year my girls were in dance class, I was “Dance Mom.” When we tried soccer, I was a “Team Mom.”

Then we found swim class. Oh, how I LOVE swim class. No team moms, no performances, and no competitions. We found our place! There are never any complaints on Thursdays when it is swim class day. Everyone gets their suits on with eagerness. All three of my girls take swim lessons at the same time, while mommy watches proudly by the side of the pool.

Recently, my oldest asked to try out cheerleading. How cute is that? It seems most activities are in Murrieta or Temecula, so I was excited that we could stay close to home in Menifee. Once a week for 30 minutes -- I can handle that. Monday was our first lesson and it was as fun as I imagined. My daughter, who is very vivacious and outgoing, fit right in. I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m raising my hand to be “Cheer Mom.”

Michelle Walsh is a Menifee resident, a wife and mother of three young girls. She is a former teacher who enjoys running, exercise, sewing, gardening and socializing. Each week, she shares her experiences as a Menifee mom. Michelle welcomes your comments here.


  1. Another great read!

  2. Good points about kids and activities. I especially like that you realize kids need time to do nothing.