Menifee Mom: It's Crucial to "Be in the Present ... Now"

By Michelle Walsh

Be present in the now…

Not later, now. Those five words I repeat to myself DAILY. You see, it’s really hard for me to do -- for a few reasons. First, I have three kids. Second, my house looks like I have three kids. And lastly, I have a mind that does not stop.

I adore my kids, the little busy bodies that they are. Playing can be exhausting; I’m still not quite sure how they do it all day long. They gave up naps way too early, and I’m not one to fight them on it. We do have rest time every day, and I look forward to that. Having three kids, ages 6, 4 and 2, means mom is needed triple time.

Breakfast, times three; shoes tied, times three; seatbelts buckled, times three … you get the picture. If I only had two more sets of arms! While I’m helping out one, my mind is fast forwarding to the next one who will need me. Be present in the now -- how?

Now everyone is happy – at least for the moment. Let me move on to washing three breakfast bowls, picking up three pairs of socks, and getting three lunches packed for today’s adventures. All that and it’s only 8:30 a.m. Be present in the now: OK, after everyone has their teeth and hair brushed – times three.

I’m not complaining. I’m not saying I have it so hard or that my life with kids is any more complex than yours. You see, I know that I am raising human beings, not inconveniences, but I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the moments. Be present in the now.

It’s really a difficult task, but when I can accomplish it, nothing feels better. I find great joy in having a conversation with my 4-year-old at bedtime. It’s amazing what goes on in her mind, what she wonders about, how she perceives the world. My heart melts at the delight in my 6-year-old’s eyes when I get on her level, look directly at her and tell her I love her. I like to hug my girls until they let go.

So I practice. It’s a very conscious thing I must make myself do. I like sticky notes; I put them around the house with quotes to remind me. One of my favorites is, “Children spell love T-I-M-E”. It takes effort, it takes time, it takes not just walking away from the dirty dishes, but forgetting about them for a while.

As I write this, my girls are all tucked into bed and fast asleep. Tomorrow I will try not to pass up requests to snuggle on the couch, or listen to “Mommy, can you hold me?” It’s these times that I MUST be present in the now. Today, tomorrow and every day I will take the time to be present in the now. Because tomorrow is a different day, my kids are a day older, they’ve changed, and I can’t get back yesterday.

Michelle Walsh is a Menifee resident, a wife and mother of three young girls. She is a former teacher who enjoys running, exercise, sewing, gardening and socializing. Each week, she shares her experiences as a Menifee mom. Michelle welcomes your comments here.


  1. Be present in the now as the future is undetermined. Kids grow way too on them as much as you can, while you can! :)

  2. Keep them coming Michelle. Great prospective. LOVE it!

  3. I've always been a firm believer to not exchange money for time with your family. I was a stay-at-home mom, we live modestly, never had many extras, but am very glad I was able to stay home with my 2 sons and be there with them when they needed me. Unfortunately, many people think they can do both,(mom and dad both work due to their life-style choices), work and spend time with their families, but both only get 50% of your time. You are wise to see the value in exchanging time for relationships and not exchanging time for conveniences.

  4. Another great article Michelle. This is probably the most important thing we can do for our children and for ourselves.