Menifee Mom: A Mother Will Always Be in Demand

By Karen Thomas

It's interesting how when kids needs help, they almost always call for mom. When our babies first learn to talk, our hearts melt when they finally learn to say "Mama." But somehow, after years of hearing our kids yell, "Mom! Can you...," or "Mom! I need....," it somehow loses that special place in our heart.

I was away from home the other night attending a meeting, so my husband put the kids to bed. He often does this, but it isn't often that I'm away at night. I had gotten home a few minutes after he had left our youngest daughter's room when I heard her yell, "Dad!"

Most nights she calls out, having one last thing that she just has to tell us before she goes to sleep. However, she always calls for me by yelling, "Mom!" Rarely does she yell for Dad.

But this time, it's Dad she wants. I sneak by her room and peek into our other daughter's room, where my husband is. "Guess what! For once she is actually calling for you! You better go see what she needs," I tell him. I am smiling and really enjoying this moment.

With this bit of freedom, I decide to lay low and keep my arrival home unknown. I go in my own room and get myself ready for bed when my husband walks in with a big smile on his face, chuckling to himself.

"Well," he says, "I went into her room to see what she wants and she said, 'Dad, when Mom gets home will you tell her to come in here?' "

Classic. I can't help but laugh along with him. Yup, it seems a mom never truly gets away.

Still, I am working on breaking the cycle of the kids always turning to me for help. It's a pretty normal thing, always wanting mom. I guess it's a habit that comes because dads are usually away at work most of the day. But when they are sitting right next to Dad and still call for Mom to help, that's when I get irritated. To be fair, it irritates my husband, too.

I suppose that someday the requests will stop coming in and I'll find myself wishing my kids still needed me. Even though there are days when I think I'll scream if I hear someone call for Mom one more time, it is nice to be needed.

It's especially nice when you do announce that you're home and find that what the child wants is a hug and a kiss goodnight. For that, I'll answer the call for "Mom" anytime.

Karen Thomas is a stay at home mom of four daughters, has been on the PTA board at her kids' school for four years, and is a volunteer at her church, in addition to her activities as a volunteer soccer referee, a piano teacher, and a runner. Her column will appear here every other Thursday. Comments are welcome.


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