Man About Menifee: Valentine's Day Lessons Learned

By David Baker

Like most men this time of year, my thoughts turn to the subject of love, romance, and of course that perfect gift. As I was driving around town this week, Isaw all the signs advertising various specials and promotions for the impending holiday, Saint Valentine's Day.

It occurred to me that there are probably quite a few men out there who have not celebrated as many Valentine's Days with their wives as I have with mine. I thought I'd share some of the things I've learned over the years:

1. The old saying that "It's the thought that counts" presumes that the gift will be thoughtful. Gift cards are great for acquaintances but don't show a lot of real imagination unless that gift card is part of a larger gift.

A friend of mine received a gift card from her boyfriend recently. When I heard that, I chuckled and thought to myself, 'Oh, what a foolish young man he is.' She must've sensed what I was thinking because she quickly told me that he had given her and her mother gift cards to their favorite salon. That's when I realized the real gift was a mother-daughter beauty day, not just a trip to the salon.

2. Even if she needs it, that is no guarantee it will go over well as a gift. One of my very first gift-giving experiences with my wife before we were married is also one that she reminds me of to this day. You see, she mentioned to me that she did not have an ironing board. Being the thoughtful 19-year-old I was, when I came across a cute little travel/apartment size ironing board, guess what I did? That ended about as well as you'd expect. Yet she married me anyway.

3. If she says "Don't get me anything," don't believe her. When we were trying to save money to move into our first place, I fell for that one. I didn't even get her a card.

4. For goodness sake, get a card. If you don't get her anything else, at least get her a card. And spend more than just five minutes picking out the right one. Make sure it's something that really reminds you of her. And a handwritten message inside is always a nice touch. Remember, if you tell someone you love how you feel, then speak from the heart, they might cry.

Whether your beloved's ideal date is a walk in the park, a dinner and a movie, or dancing till dawn, in the end she just wants to spend time with you. And if you're smart and avoid some of the land mines that those who have gone before you have stepped on, you may just get through this holiday unscathed.

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