Man About Menifee: Cub Scouts Make Food Drive a Success

By David Baker

I was walking my dogs the other day and I started contemplating the similarities and differences between the canine species and the human species. We're both pack animals hardwired to respond well within a structured family unit. We'll both protect our families if we have to. And some of us really like to get our belly rubbed.

Certainly there's a world of difference between us, though. Arguably one of the biggest differences separating humans from the animal kingdom is the concept of altruism. Of course for my kids it's not always the easiest concept to grasp, but I do my best to teach to them anyway.

Some people will tell you that altruism, or caring for those who are having a hard time caring for themselves, comes from a religious aspect. Others would say it's purely logical, a highly effective way to propagate the species. Whatever your position, most people would agree that it is a good thing.

This past weekend, the Cub Scouts of Pack 374 showed off their altruism and collected food for the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard in front of Ralph's Grocery on Antelope Road. The effort was part of a nationwide program called Scouting for Food.

Denise Boring, a den leader with the Pack, was also the Scouting for Food chairperson this year.

"We did over 1,100 pounds of food last year, so I figured we'd set the bar a little higher with a goal of 1,500 pounds," she said.

In true form, Jeremiah was out there assisting in helping on Saturday afternoon immediately following the Menifee Veterans Day 5K run.

As shoppers entered the store, the boys would hand out fliers explaining the kind of food they were looking for. Many people participated. Some people gave a few canned goods while others donated entire shopping carts full of food. The true spirit of the holiday season was in the air.

After all the food was collected and weighed, the Pack pulled in a whopping 2,228 pounds of food. Not only did the Pack double its contribution from last year, but it topped the contributions of every other pack in the district. Of course the purpose of this exercise was not to compete with anyone except to say that the boys did their best to make it better than they did last year.

It is still nice to show the boys something huge and tangible that came from their efforts. And a pat on the back doesn't hur,t either. I’m a proud father; it’s my right.

At Tuesday's scout meeting, the boys posed for a photograph with the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard banner, showing their enthusiasm for the cause. What causes do you support this time of year? Comment below and let us know.

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