Menifee Mom: Do Your Dog a Favor And Head to the Park

By Jane Walker

Recently the hubs, our daughter and I have been taking our Archer boy to some local dog parks. He’s definitely at that age where constant socialization is necessary, and he’s a Siberian husky, which equals ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF ENERGY.

We’re talking Energizer Bunny energy.

Nearly every evening, we pack up the kid, the dog and ourselves and trek on out to whichever of the three dogs parks we want to visit. Each one is a little different, regarding what kinds of dogs you’ll find, along with what kinds of owners.

Redhawk Community Park in Temecula is very nice. There are two different areas:  One for medium and large dog breeds and one for teeny-tiny-mini doggies. There’s a lot of lush, green grass to run around in, which means plenty of exercise to be had. Plus, there is a kiddies’ park in the same vicinity, so after Archer is wiped out, our daughter can burn off some energy. Check and check.

The other reason I’m fond of this dog park (even though it’s not in Menifee) is the diverse bunch of dogs you’ll find on any given day. The most unusual by far was a gorgeous (almost) pure white Great Dane with blue-red eyes whose name was Powder. He was so stoic and massive, and just hung around keeping an eye on things. His owners were the complete opposite; very friendly, lively and more than welcome to strike up a conversation.

The next park is in Murrieta, off  Torrey Pines Road. I happened across this park because I wanted a place where Archer wasn’t going to leave covered in mud (which happens at the Menifee dog park all too often).

It’s a hard-packed surface, in both the small dog area and the medium/large dog area. They have just installed a canopy and one more table for sitting. There has been a leakage issue with the fountain in the medium/large dog area, but they are fixing this flaw right now.

A handful of agility obstacles are great fun to work on training with your pup, and a red fire hydrant sets the tone of “classic dog park”.

Now, our local dog park, located on Murrieta Road. Oh, how I wish it was green year round. Because of a leak in the drainage system, they’ve shut off the sprinkler system, so instead of lush green landscaping, you get one big dirt and dust pit (or mud, when the drains have flooded portions of the flat ground).

Don’t get me wrong, we still love this site because of the sheer freedom the dogs have and the eclectic array of dogs and owners (boy, you sure can learn a lot about a person’s life over the course of two hours while your dogs are chasing each other!). We just wish that the drainage system was overhauled so there was less mud, and definitely some areas for grass.

There is plenty of seating, in the form of old, donated lawn chairs. However, there is no shade, so be cautious at what time you head over. 
The bush and brush is quite dry as well, and during the summer we’ve been warned you have to watch out for rattlers. Definitely something any dog owner, or parent, does not want to deal with. We do keep returning for the sheer closeness to our home, and because we’ve met some pretty amazing folks here.

Just the other day, we met “Dee”, who had her hands full with four large, energetic dogs. For a woman who was in her 60’s, she was a brave, kind soul. We even helped her retrieve two of her pups who ran off when she was trying to get them in her truck. She was forever grateful, and an appreciation of one another was instantly formed.

The dog parks are so much more than just getting your pup some exercise. It’s a chance to step out of your daily routine, meet new people each time, and fall in love with so many other dogs! Get out this weekend and surprise yourself in the delight that dog parks can bring to you and your family. Your pup will thank you, trust me.

Jane Walker is a Menifee resident, a wife and mother of a 2-year-old girl. Every Thursday, she shares her experiences as a Menifee mom. Jane welcomes your comments here.


  1. Aldergate Park in Menifee is another great dog is on the corner of Menifee rd and Aldergate rd

  2. great! Thank you for the tip :)