It's Time to Meet Our New 'Menifee Mom,' Jane Walker

Editors Note: Today we say hello to Jane Walker, our new "Menifee Mom." Sadly, we say goodbye to Michelle Walsh, who has moved out of town, but we welcome Jane, who lives in Menifee with her husband and 2-year-old daughter, Lucy. We look forward to reading about her adventures as a wife, mother and active member of our community.

By Jane Walker

As I sit here, writing out my first article for the Menifee Mom column, I’m dealing with what I’m sure every mom (and caregiver!) has dealt with more than once.

My rambunctious 2-year-old is bouncing off the walls; my 4-month-old Siberian Husky is barking loudly, and jumping like a kangaroo; and my husband who has just walked through the door, telling me he needs to use the computer. How in the world am I going to get this article done by the end of the evening, especially when my child will not go to bed?

I’ll have to incorporate the craziness that is my home into my writing. Thank goodness this is “Menifee Mom” and not “How to Have a Quiet and Tranquil Home.”

With that being said, let me introduce myself: Hi, Jane Walker reporting. Originally from Palo Alto, Calif. I transplanted down here in ’07, because of a guy; this guy turned into my husband in ’09, and made me a mom in ’11.

I’m a mom (prerequisite to write this column!). I’m Barre (ballet-type exercise) certified, highly practiced in the format, and will start teaching classes come May. I’m a health and fitness junkie. I love making clean, gourmet meals from scratch. I’m Pescatarian (like a vegetarian, except I eat fish and egg whites).

Photography is a passion and hobby of mine. I’m training for my first half marathon next month, followed by another one in June. I’ve been married for almost four years. I have a huge, blended, extended family that has helped shape who I am and my perspective in this world. I love anything and everything about the ocean. I’m a true tech geek and you can find me researching from the computer on various topics or fixing one of our various electronics.

And I really love writing.

It was not an easy transition, being so far away from my huge, supportive family back in the Bay Area, and I truly didn’t feel like I put roots down until very recently; until I moved out to Menifee.

It’s hard making genuine friends as an adult and finding those people you blend with so well. I struggled with “fitting in” during high school, mainly because I felt different than all of the girls my age. Not one “group” reflected who I was becoming. Flash forward to the present; I worked as a preschool teacher for the first three years I was down here. I made a few lasting friends, but one of our main connections was being a teacher.

After I found out I was pregnant during the summer of 2010, I started working exclusively for a local jewelry artist (corralling 15 kids while I had one growing in my belly wasn’t quite my cup of tea). When I re-discovered my niche in the health and fitness world after my daughter was born, I started yet again on a new journey.

Months had gone by while I struggled to get my fitness instructing talents recognized, and at times I did feel like giving up. The fire inside that keeps pushing me forward, surrounding me with complete positivity and support, was key to keeping me on my path.

A couple of months ago I was referred to the Mom’s Run This Town running group. There I truly started to feel like I found my spot with a group of women (and moms) that have nothing but full support and positivity for one another. We have a healthy dynamic, complete respect for each other, and something rich and deep in common -- running.

We all have various goals, yet we all help each other reach and surpass those goals. We give each other the push (or shove!) when our minds might doubt our abilities. I feel like my life is starting to fall into place as new opportunities arise, stemming from the way this group lifts me up, and the new connections I’ve made. I finally feel as if I’m hitting my stride, figuratively and literally.

Now here I am, column writer for a local news website. Wow. I can’t thank Michelle Walsh enough for entrusting me with this amazing opportunity to connect with moms and parents throughout the community. I will be sure to provide personable stories and information on various topics that stem from my adventures in mommy-hood and my experiences in life. It is definitely not for the faint of heart, yet so far it’s been my most rewarding experience to date.

I commend all of you moms and parents out there for doing your job and doing it well. We shape the future by shaping our little ones each and every day. Make it positive, make it mindful, and most of all, have fun!


  1. Thanks for sharing! And glad your part of our wonderful MRTT running group.
    Can't wait to take a Barr class:)

  2. Great first article Jane! Looking forward to more. :)