Man About Menifee: These Boy Scouts Need Your Help

By David Baker

Frequent readers of my columns will know that I have written about a wide variety of topics, ranging from helpful how-tos to announcements of community events.

One thing that has always impressed me about the community of Menifee and the surrounding areas is the sense of fellowship and outpouring of support that tends to occur during times of hardship.

I've seen it with members of our community that have fallen ill or become injured. We all saw it in each other during the Terry Smith Jr. case. I've witnessed instances of extreme giving associated with the Menifee Christmas Dinner.

I suppose this is why news stories like this one about the theft of a scout trailer surprise me that much more:

For those who haven't heard, the Boy Scouts of Troop 332 from Wildomar showed up for their weekly Tuesday night meeting and discovered their toy hauler with all of their camping gear had been stolen.

Apparently, the trailer was parked in front of the local VFW post and the last time anybody remembered seeing it was Friday night.

When I read about this crime, I had the same reaction a lot of you probably did. That reaction was to ask myself, "How desperate does someone need to be to steal from the Boy Scouts?" I suppose the answer is in the question, because it would have to be somebody who is incredibly desperate.

However, knowing the nature of my friends and neighbors here in Menifee, I suspect that many of you will turn this negative into a positive by a show of support for these boys. Hopefully we can show them that there are good people of the world, too.

I am still trying to get contact information for the scoutmaster or committee chairperson of this Troop. If anyone has this information or if anyone knows about an organized effort to help these boys restock supplies, please post a comment below or send me an email at

I certainly intend to do everything I can to help out. And of course if you have any information that will help the police catch the criminals, or recover any of the gear, please contact Investigator Cornett at 951-245-3357, or by email at

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