Man About Menifee: Scouts Get Some Campout Experience

By David Baker

Now that we are two weeks into the New Year and school is back in session, I feel a little bit like a bear coming out of hibernation at the end of the winter. It was nice to have several weeks where there was extremely light traffic on my commute to San Diego from Menifee. I know from speaking with many of you that a lot of you can relate as well.

The kids are becoming busier, too. The earth is slowly starting to spin back toward the sun and I'm finding we are starting to venture outside just a little bit more.

My daughter Alexandra is a Girl Scout with Troop number 40550 here in Menifee. This weekend, Jennifer is taking Alexandra to a troop camp out at Lake Skinner in Temecula. Lake Skinner boasts fishing, recreational vehicle camping and tent camping facilities.

Coincidentally, Jeremiah and the other boys from his Webelos patrol in Cub Scout pack 374 have begun planning some patrol campouts for themselves. The campground the boys unanimously chose for their first campout next month is also Lake Skinner.

One Girl Scout rule on campouts is that there must be a very clear and straight shot right to the restroom and other facilities. The rules for the boys, while similar, are a little different. The Cub Scouts will be using Skinner's outlying camping area, which they identified on the map as their "overflow camping". There won't be any electricity or hose spigots, but the restroom will be a short walk away.

For the many of the Webelos, this will be their first semi-primitive camp. We will pack in everything that we need and pack it out. This will not be a "drive up and drop off" type of camp. I’m interested to see how the boys do with this. This is designed to get the Cub Scout boys geared up for Boy Scouts, which they will join this summer.

Boy Scouts routinely backpack a considerable distance before setting up camp. In addition, the boys plan the events and the menu for the trip. Until now, the adults have done all the planning and the boys simply showed up for the fun, but they are at the age where they can practice taking part in the business side of the fun.

What are you and your family doing differently now that the days are getting longer? Log in and leave a comment below.

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