Menifee Plugged In: Time for Some Christmas Cheer

By Neil Kristjansson

Christmas is coming fast. What’s so great about that? Lots of things. Especially the cheesy jingles on the radio.

So I figured: What’s the best thing to write about right now? Christmas songs.

I took a small poll to find out what some folks’ favorite Christmas songs were. They could nominate one song but not vote for their own. Then, the final four would make the list. So here they are:

4. Burl Ives – Silver & Gold

3. Libera – Carol of the Bells

2. DMX – Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer

1. Frank Sinatra – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Personally, I absolutely love "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Never before have I heard such a classy way of portraying the Christmas spirit. It’s great. This is the list from the folks I asked, but I’d like to give a couple of honorable mentions.

These are songs that I like to hear every year around this time. Unfortunately, they aren’t all quite up to snuff with what qualifies as the holly jolly Christmas tunes, but they are based around the holiday itself. So, here they are:

Low – Just like Christmas

Sufjan Stevens – Sister Winter

I think the beauty of Christmas music is that it seems to maintain a sense of joy in it regardless. That track from Low, while being a rather melancholy song in lyrics, sounds upbeat. It sounds holly and jolly. That’s the thing about this time of year. No matter how bad the year was, there’s something uplifting in the lights, the cold air, the piano and tambourine of the jingles we always hear. This is the best time of year.

Happy Holidays, everybody! And have a safe, happy New Year.


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