Man About Menifee: Even the Little Ones Enjoy a Hike

By David Baker

Someone once told me that God gave us wives because he needed someone to correct husbands’ behavior and shock collars weren’t invented yet.

My wife recently offered up a correction of my behavior that I couldn’t ignore even if I wanted to.

Since I began writing for Menifee 24/7, my wife has been one of my biggest supporters. She has dutifully re-posted and commented on all my columns. As we were talking recently about my columns, she pointed out a glaring blank spot in my subjects.

I’ve written about improving a house and about maintaining a family. I’ve had columns regarding community events, scouting events, and public safety. I’ve introduced my readership to my wife, Jennifer, and my three older children, Nikk (18), Alexandra (12), and Jeremiah (9). The missing component here is that I have four children. Joshuah (16 months) was born on Leap Day last year.

One activity that we enjoy as a family is a good hike or nature walk; Joshuah especially loves it. I like to think he expands his world with each walk. With the older kids it is pretty easy, but with Joshuah a little prior planning prevents poor performance.

When he was a brand new baby, we had him in a little cloth baby carrier that mounted to my chest, but the moment he was old enough to support his own head, he graduated to a framed backpack style carrier, which he loves to this day. I’ve found that this is always the best way to transport him. I even carry him in it in lieu of a stroller sometimes.

Packing for a toddler is a little different than packing for oneself. Some things I try to carry include a diaper and wipes, a first aid kit, small snacks that I can easily pass over my shoulder to him, sunscreen, and of course lots of water.

As far as where we go, there are several trails that are age appropriate around town. The first he went on was at Roy W Kabian Memorial Park in Canyon Lake off of Goetz Road. Aside from picnic and playground areas, there is also a series of small manageable trails around the park. There are a few slight inclines, but all were easily attainable.

Some parts of the trail were shady, but more were in the open, so a good move would be to prepare for a lot of sun. Joshuah seemed to really love the ground squirrels, and there were plenty of those little guys all around.

Where is your favorite place to hike in Menifee with kids? Post below and share your thoughts.

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