Observations, Questions and Tips About Life: June 19

Featuring Bill Rhoads

Each week, Sun City resident Bill Rhoads shares with us some of his "tips about life." Bill keeps a written record of "tips" that come to mind and has a strong motivation to share them with others. His purpose in doing so is to stimulate his own thinking and to stir some ideas into the pot of life. He believes in God and the Golden Rule.

Every pleasure has a price
Pay as quick as you can
The weight of these debts unpaid
Brings down many a good man

I won’t get involved in people’s morality or lack thereof
I won’t talk politics, money, religion or love
So … what would you like to talk about?

A friend who does you wrong
Will never forgive you

If you have thoughts and/or responses to Bill's tips, leave a comment here or send emails with your feedback to menifee247info@gmail.com.


  1. How about we talk about music? Oh yeah, most of it is about politics, money, religion or love. hmmm...nice weather we're having, huh?

  2. Very interesting