Menifee Mom: A Trip to the Salon With the Girls

By Michelle Walsh

It starts early -- getting excited about a trip to the salon. I mentioned a haircut to my girls on Sunday after church and they were practically jumping out of their car seats with excitement.

I get just as excited about a day at the salon, but I think our reasons for excitement are probably slightly different.

Sunday’s haircut never happened because Chloe fell asleep on the way home. Then we got busy with lunch, playing, and in a blink of an eye it was homework, dinner and bath time.

It didn’t happen Monday either, and believe me, I was reminded more than once. Once again, I had to promise, “Tomorrow”. So Tuesday, after school, I grabbed my coupons and we all hopped in the car and took a trip down to Great Clips off Newport and Murrieta Road.

A few months earlier, we had taken a trip to Great Clips and had a great experience. They mailed me three coupons, so I thought we’d try it again. We arrived at 4:30 p.m. and I snapped a before picture of my three beauties in front of the salon. We then headed inside to check in.

Moments after checking in, we had to check out the bathroom. Wherever we go, it never fails; someone needs to use the restroom, urgently. My personal favorite is after I’ve unloaded what seems like a month full of groceries at Sam’s Club onto the conveyor belt, someone always sings: “I need to go potty really baaaaad,” accompanied by the “potty dance”

You can imagine the warm smiles I get from the long line of people behind me as I smile and apologize.

After we took care of business, we returned to the waiting area to three smiling hair stylists who were ready for all three girls. Fabulous! All three at once! The girls got up on their booster seats and it was time for action.

All three stylists were very good with the girls. For some reason, when I try to cut their hair at home, no one can keep their heads still. In the salon chair, the only thing that moves are their eyeballs. It is serious business, worth every penny paid.

Two of the girls got special braids done after their cuts and were very impressed with the large hand mirror which revealed to them the masterpiece that was created on the backs of their heads. You can be sure that I was asked today why we don’t have a mirror like that, followed by, “but I want to see the back of my hair!” I foresee a trip to Sally’s in our near future.

After their cuts, they each got a small lollipop, which thrilled them. We went outside and took an “after” photo; they insisted I take one of the front and the back.

Twice, we had a great experience, and that’s no fluke! We’ll be back again for sure. Thanks Great Clips, you made my three girls and this Menifee Mom VERY happy!

Michelle Walsh is a Menifee resident, a wife and mother of three young girls. She is a former teacher who enjoys running, exercise, sewing, gardening and socializing. Each week, she shares her experiences as a Menifee mom. Michelle welcomes your comments here.


  1. Michelle,
    Thanks for bringing the girls in! We're glad that they enjoyed their visit and like their new haircuts!

    Kasey S.
    Great Clips