Seniors Corner: United Communities Group Has a Mission

By Chuck Reutter

Garry and Thelma Grant brought the group Riverside County Unincorporated Communities to the Sun City section of Menifee in the late 1990s. The group, now known as the Riverside County United Communities, meets in Boston Billies restaurant on the third Saturday of the month. The meeting starts with breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and follows with speakers and information.

In 1983, Riverside County Supervisor Patricia “Corky” Larson, along with LAFCO, the Local Agency Formation Commission for Riverside County, agreed to the formation of the Riverside County Unincorporated Communities. This was the result of the concerns of citizens living in those unincorporated areas of Riverside County. In 2009, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors believed RCUC was hindering the development of a General Plan. As a result, this led to the private formation of the Riverside County United Communities organization we know today.

One of the many focuses RCUC has is bringing in speakers from all levels of local and state government and providing our citizens with the opportunity to ask questions and get to know what their government representative is doing for them. In addition, community activists have spoken at RCUC meetings about such issues as the Medical Marijuana movement and the UN Agenda 21 issue.

Garry Grant desires to create a broad understanding on how to use the tools of democracy and how the United States Constitution best serves our people. High school and college students are welcome to attend these meetings and learn about the workings of our local and state government.

Chuck Reutter, a longtime resident of the Sun City area of Menifee, shares his thoughts on the senior scene here monthly.


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