Menifee 24/7 Enters Its Ninth Year

It was a year ago this month I wrote about Menifee 24/7 entering its eighth year.

And what a great eighth year it was!

Doug Spoon, who was just recently hired to help with the writing and reporting, took on the task of covering city hall, and went on to do such a valiant effort that we chose to promote him as editor.

Shelli Stovall, who was brought on to help with sales and marketing, is now in charge of sales and marketing.

Last September, we hosted what appears to be the largest candidate forum of the campaign season, at Paloma Valley High School.

We redesigned the website last August.

The Menifee 24/7 Facebook page has grown to over 6,600 fans.

In fact, when you consider all of our channels, website, Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail, we're reaching an average of 49,875 people per month. That's nearly 50,000 people!

And who are these people?

Well looking at our website visitors, 55% are reading from inside the City of Menifee. Another 30% are viewing from other parts of Southern California, from Los Angeles down to San Diego. This 30% is split between Menifee residents viewing us while at work, or other residents doing research on Menifee (perhaps looking to relocate).

The other 15% of viewers are people in other states and other countries. Most of these people are former Menifee residents, or military personnel abroad, trying to stay in touch with their old hometown. There's also a small fraction of readers who are current residents travelling.

One-third (33%) of our readers are viewing the website of Menifee 24/7 via mobile device (smartphone or tablet).  Mobile device usage hits even higher numbers when viewing Menifee 24/7's Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail editions.

Isn't it cool that people thousands of miles away can still keep in touch with their old hometown through electronic media?

Here's another look at Menifee 24/7's demographic, based on samples gathered by Quantcast...

Female: 58%
Male: 42%

Kids living in household: 51%
No kids living in household: 49%

College graduate: 50%
No college: 35%
Grad school: 15%

Age 0-17: 12%
Age 18-24: 11%
Age 25-34: 17%
Age 35-44: 22%
Age 45-54: 21%
Age 55-64: 11%
Age 65+: 5%

Looking at this data, 71% of our readers are within the working class (ages 25-54).  Half of our readers are college graduates.  We have many more women readers than male, and half of them have kids at home.  This pretty much identifies the family communities, where moms stay at home to raise the kids, while dads commute out of town holding down skilled jobs.

If your company or organization is looking to get its message out this kind of demographic, Menifee 24/7 is your answer.

So here's to the ninth year!  Thanks for reading us, and we hope you'll continue.


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