A Doug's Life: Lessons Learned in Menifee

It's hard to believe, but it has now been exactly six months since our family first arrived in town.

OK, so we didn't come across the plains in a covered wagon or anything like that. We didn't fly in from a foreign country. Menifee isn't all that different from a lot of Southern California cities I've lived in and visited.

Of course, it does have its own personality, its own unique individuals and other factors that make it like nowhere else. So as I look back on the events of the last six months, here's a list of "10 Things I've Learned About Menifee":

1. Since 2008 it has officially been part of the city of Menifee, but it's Sun City to the folks who live there. Menifee city officials may need Sun City residents' tax dollars for the "greater good" of the community as a whole, but they're not taking their name away, darn it.

It's kind of like the five boroughs of New York, on a much smaller scale. Whether Sun City is the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or whatever of Menifee, I'm not sure. I just know that if you venture into Brooklyn and talk about being in New York, the locals will correct you. Same thing here with Sun City.

2. The night skies above Menifee have stars -- lots of them. I had almost forgotten such things existed.

3. The left-turn lane on westbound Newport Road leading up to Haun Road is one of the longest I've ever seen. At one point, it splits into two lanes. But guess what? It still isn't long enough.

If they stick one more business in the Countryside Marketplace, they'd better add a monorail line while they're at it. You know that vacant lot across the street where they're supposed to some day build another marketplace? Better make it a parking structure instead.

4. All these new housing developments make a three-car garage seem so luxurious. Wow, they even split them into two garages, one on each side!

So what? If you're like me, you'll never fit a car in there. It's just more room to pack a bunch of junk. How does one audition for the TV show "Hoarders"?

5. You don't want to drive too far west on Holland Road past Tom Fuhrman's ranch after a good rain. What starts out as a fun little "dip" in the dirt road quickly resembles Lake Michigan. Bring fins and a snorkel.

6. It took me a month to realize I wasn't doing that bad a job picking up dog poop in the back yard. It's the dairy farm over the hill. You get used to it.

7. In terms of population explosion, Temecula became the new Moreno Valley. Then Murrieta became the new Temecula. Now Menifee is becoming the new Murrieta. What will be the new Menifee? Winchester?

8. Apparently, man-made lakes are supposed to be a sign of luxury living. Build a housing tract in Menifee, dig a lake and fill it up. And they do look nice. But you have to throw the fish back after you catch them! What am I supposed to eat? Coyote meat is too tough.

9. People complain about the lack of restaurants in town. See, I told you we should be allowed to eat the fish.

10. Overall, it's been a fun six months -- and I haven't even climbed onto a saddle yet. I have a feeling the best is yet to come.


  1. Doug I am new to Menifee...a transplant from Downey, CA and I have to say that I love your columns, they are funny, witty and very much an enjoyable read. I came across your articles while searching on Menifee news and I make it a habit of cathcing up on your stories whenever I can.
    Thanks for writing these delightful, insigtful and overservational columns...they're a real treat!